Wardrobe Staples Subscription Box

Wardrobe Staples Subscription Box

Swap out your wardrobe staples every month with a rental subscription box.

Business Idea Details 

For a small monthly fee, you get a whole new box of essentials so you’re never bored with your wardrobe choices. You’re renting a whole new closet every month without worrying about the high cost of purchasing a huge variety of quality clothing.

  1. Pick your style categories on the website.
  2. A box full of 15 pieces of wardrobe staples gets delivered to you.
  3. Wear them and show them off.
  4. Send them back.
  5. Pick a new category style or repeat the same style. You’ll always receive new items you haven’t tried before even if you pick the same style.
  6. A new wardrobe essentials box with new items is delivered to you.

Boxes are pre-prepared to fit the style categories available so you don’t have to go in and pick each item in your box separately.

You just let us know which styles you want and take a quick quiz to tell us about your fashion style. We pick and customize your monthly box for you.

Quick Polls

  1. Which of these would you consider the most essential wardrobe staples?

    Please select the most essential items of clothing in your wardrobe. (This poll is for females only)

    1. T-shirts, Jeans, Leggings, Sweaters, & Sweatpants.
    2. Blouses, Dresses, Button-ups, Skirts, Work Pants, Jumpsuits, & Blazers.
    8 votes
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  1. Would you prefer to individually select each item that will be included in your essentials box?

    If you were to subscribe to this service, would you prefer to select each item or leave it up to our stylists?

    1. Yes, I want to have full control over each item in my box.
    2. No, save me time and surprise me.
    2 votes
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