How do I validate an idea on Ideastag?

Posting your idea, which parts you choose to share, and what you want to test is ultimately up to you. We have made creating an idea post similar to an empty canvas on purpose to give you the flexibility to customize your validation test.

There are many ways to test including posting full ideas, parts of an idea, particular features, general concepts, strategies, implementation options, etc.

To get the most out of your post, you should:

  • consider carefully what you are trying to gauge
  • create a clear and concise post about your idea that is easy to read and understand
  • ask specific questions to allow other users to engage with your post
  • respond to users who give you feedback

Examples of what to gauge by posting about your idea:

  • Test the market potential, demand, and readiness for your idea. Will people pay for it? Is there a customer base for your idea? Do people need it now?
  • Find out specific pain points that your idea solves. Talking to people might bring new issues to the forefront that you might have otherwise ignored.
  • Ask specific questions about others’ experiences with possible competitors. If you have already identified a competitor, talking to their customer base will help you establish better positioning for your new business.
  • Validate a business concept. Test out your own business concept or ask questions that help you transform an idea into a profitable business.
  • Evaluate details such as features, product or service details, strategies, or implementation options. Draft a post with the details you want to test and gather feedback to tweak and bullet-proof your business idea before getting to work.

Keep in mind, you are crafting a post to spark meaningful conversations around your idea. In addition to idea validation, the conversations started can further develop your idea and/or give you insights about how to start implementing it.