Create Interior Design Contests for your Home

Create Interior Design Contests for your Home

Create an interior design contest for your home design. Provide a brief and let up-and-coming interior designers bring it to life.

Business Idea 

Working with an interior designer online to design an entire house or select rooms in your home is becoming popular due to lower costs. Instead of working with one designer, which limits your design options and final results, this idea will allow you to create an interior design contest for up-and-coming designers.

  1. Choose a pre-priced design package.
  2. Submit photos of your space.
  3. Provide a brief with your design preferences and measurements.
  4. Interior designers bring your brief to life with 3D designs and provide links to the products used in the design.
  5. Choose a design you love and work closely with the winning designer to refine and finalize your design.
  1. Would you choose the contest format over working with a designer one-on-one?

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    2. No
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