A Marketplace for Veteran-Owned Businesses

A Marketplace for Veteran-Owned Businesses

A marketplace for veterans to sell their products (Amazon + Etsy style marketplace).

Business Idea

I want to create a marketplace where veteran-owned businesses can sell their products. Veteran sellers would sign up and create listings. The marketplace would facilitate collecting orders, payments, and transferring funds to sellers.

My assumption is that buyers would be attracted to this marketplace to support veteran businesses. Would you say that assumption is correct? How can I add to this idea to help veterans who don’t have products to sell?

The goal here is to support veterans, so how can I make it easier for them?

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Angela Asbury


  1. To make it easier for veterans and buyers:
    1. Usability is your priority: Make it so simple, easy to use, and easy to navigate. This will probably require an iterative approach but so will every aspect of this business.
    2. Provide excellent support: to listers and buyers
    3. Nail down every little part of the process (from signing up to customer returns and refunds)
    That’s just off the top of my head. As you said, you have 2 great examples listed so analyze and learn from them, and try to predict issues before you run into them. I think if you can pull off an easy system + have a plan to get it out there, most buyers won’t say “no” to supporting veterans.

    To help veterans who don’t have products to sell:
    Look into Merch by Amazon. They let sellers upload artwork that can go on product templates (like T-shirts, phone cases, etc.), and they handle the rest (printing, shipping, and creating the listings). This might be something to add in the future that helps more veterans out. From what I hear, Merch by Amazon is really hard to get into so if you can replicate it but make it for veterans you might have something there. Probably harder to do from the get-go depending on your resources but there are fulfillment centers that you can partner up with. I would focus on the main idea first and add in features like this as you grow.

    1. Yes, I know it’s an ambitious project, but the cause keeps me going. Thanks for your input and feedback. I love the idea of replicating Merch by Amazon for veterans! I will have to look into it more.

  2. Since veterans can sell on Amazon and Etsy which are huge marketplaces already attracting millions of buyers, I would keep your prices as low as possible after factoring in your costs. I am assuming you’re charging per listing or taking commissions out of sales. Also, if you are eliminating parts of the process, like order fulfillment centers, you can afford to compete while staying profitable.

    1. That’s correct. I am still figuring out the shipping to create a seamless process while keeping costs down. Thanks for your advice. I haven’t determined exactly a commission percentage, but that is something I am hoping to nail down soon.

  3. I love the mission you are on. Something else you could add is a resource center with tools and training to guide veterans hoping to start their own businesses. There are already some great resources out there specifically for veterans, you might be able to partner up with them.